On the Colorado trail w/Luke Fontana

October 1, 2018

In October, I leave New Orleans, below sea level for high ranges of Colorado to my log cabin in the mountains.


My cabin is adjacent to the White River National Forest off Gore Creek, exactly 3.33 miles from East Vail Colorado.


Here amidst beautiful fall surroundings, a small group of my close Hermetic Circle & Dolphin Files' friends meet to discuss how we can spearhead the transition, from fossil fuel to clean alternative energy.


We also discuss strategies on how to educate North America citizens in stopping Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Albert Ft. Mc Murray tar sands' Bitumen crude oil operations.


And of course, how to stop U.S. President Donald Trump's pipeline push of the Keystone Pipeline, tied in to Justin Trudeau's 's bitumen tar sands operation.


We also discuss how to stop the Bayou Pipeline thru Atchafalaya Basin & to terminate FRACKING.


During this strategic planning process, we practice high levels of Raja & Kundalini Yoga, aligning ourselves with the beaming stars overhead.


We bathe in icy mountain waterfalls & soak in secluded isolated hot springs.


We depart as brothers & sisters united in the Hermetic Circle & the evolving spiritual mysteries of the Dolphin Files, ready to do battle against the Satanic evil powers of Donald Trump & Justin Trudeau.


It's always been a Battle between good and evil... Between the fallen angel Satan & his evil followers vs. the good angels of God.


The Battle is over


The War goes on


Peace w/ Power


Luke Fontana




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October 26, 2018

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