Demonstration St. James Parish- "FREETOWN" Aka “Cancer Alley”

September 12, 2018


In 1976, I represented Robert Head, intervenor before Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) on  Louisiana power and Light(LPL)  Application for construction permit for their Waterford Nuclear power plant, located in Taft, La., approximately 15 miles upriver from New Orleans.


Years later, I represented Save Our Wetlands Inc. [SOWL]--- Alliance for Affordable Energy, thru their director Gary Groesch & also Oystershell Alliance, before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in LP&L’S Application before NRC for an operation permit.



This Waterford Nuclear Power plant is located off River Road, adjacent to the Mississippi River in the area called "Cancer Alley".  It is in the midst-surrounded by explosive toxic explosive Petro chemical plants.



The residents in the area have the highest rate of Cancer in the U.S., & consist of Afro-American minorities, thus the term" ENVIRONMENTAL RACISM" Is used to label these global industrial polluters.



Many of the small Afro-American towns, surrounding these industrial Mega Polluters have been bought out, disappearing off the face of maps--- out of sight out of mind=for example, Taft, La.


Thru the years, Afro Americans have risen in protests, but are eventually squashed down.


In the 1990's, well known community leader Pat Bryant, organized the Gulf Coast Tenants Ass., leading 2 toxic marches, from Louis Armstrong Park in New Orleans, thru this Cancer Alley industrial corridor.


Pat Bryant and I thru litigation + public media= spearheaded by Hollywood Director John Schindler, were able to stop the Formosa chemical plant DAT was proposed in Edgar La., St. John Parish.


As a Cox cable television producer & as recipient of a New Orleans Municipal Endowment Grant, I filmed & documented the 2nd great toxic March & the Battle Dat was fought between the  vigorous Afro American community, Save our Wetlands[SOWL] , against stinking, crooked La. politicians...all on tit of Big Business... who don't give a dog gone about Afro-American minorities, nor a hoot about La. wetlands... To Stop this Formosa chemical plant...described as "ENVIRONMENTAL OUTLAWS" by state of Texas authorities.


The Battles to stop the Formosa chemical plant R part of my Cox Cable16/ thirty Minute TV  programs titled:




Michael Foster, recently has been added as a volunteer computer intern to the Luke Fontana Productions & Save our Wetlands Team.


I hope Michael Foster will be able to launch the LUKE FONTANA  PRODUCTIONS YouTube TV programs.



I'm bout ready to wrap up a business deal worth $3.33 million. When DAT deal closes I will be able to hire Hollywood director John Schindler to spearhead the entire LUKE FONTANA PRODUCTIONS ☆☆☆


We estimate 3 months.


Will keep you posted.




nothing has changed...


Louisiana politicians subsidize these global polluting corporations in the hundreds of millions of dollars.



Bobby Jindal, a right-wing conservative Republican, sold the state of Louisiana to global polluting corporations.


The present Governor=John Bel Edwards=a left wing Democrat/ about as liberal as Donald Trump.


Both are devoted to Pipelines, Depleting the natural resources+Wetlands of America for fracking-tar sands Bitumen crude to be exported to China.


Gov. Bel-tone Deaf Edwards has supported unconstitutional legislation, making it a FELONY  to protest the Bayou Bridge Pipeline thru.


And as I write this, St. James Parish deputies are brutalizing, terrorizing, tasering, beating & arresting under felony chgs.=water protectors in the Atchafalaya Basin.


And now there's another PIPELINE Proposed in Saint James Parish.





The state of Louisiana is preparing to wipe St. James parish & her anti Bayou Pipeline residents off the map.



They are now proposing another pipeline adjacent to the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.







They have even cut off evacuation routes for St. James residents /in case of an explosive accident in this cancer alley industrial corridor.


Most recently the St. James Parish/ U.S. Post Office mysteriously closed its doors w/o notice.


But St.James ain't goin dwn. w/o a battle.




They are joined not only by SOWL, but also Tulane Environmental Law, Bucket Brigade, Earth Justice led by brilliant Env. Atty. Jan Hasselman, Sierra Club, Gulf Restoration Network & many, many others.


Also, these residents are descendants of formerly enslaved Africans, & Native Americans; well aware of the brutalities of white men.




LUKE FONTANA PRODUCTION,  In the next 3 months, will be  Launching a YouTube TV program documenting this terrific tantalizing tale.


In the meantime, stay tuned to my blog




Hopefully when I get the money I'll be able to hire Hollywood Director John Schindler to take over






John Schindler & I have swam w/wild dolphins.


Is a member of my Hermetic Circle.


Knows about the Dolphin Files...


& has met Beverly Hills, California attorney Stan Handman= last living member of the Dolphin Club.


Further info=


In regard to the background documents on this, I refer you to the Save our Wetlands Historic New Orleans Collection [HNC[ documents where HNC  made SOWL part of their permanent HNC. Collection.






Luke Fontana





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October 26, 2018

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