Sorry about DAT

September 6, 2018


Jan Hasselman

Lead Attorney for Earth Justice et al


Bayou Pipeline thru Atchafalaya Basin 


Dear Jan

This is to acknowledge receipt of your 2 emails, requesting U be removed from the Save our Wetlands (SOWL)--- & Luke Fontana SOWL President---email list.


Sorry about DAT but:


Mistakenly, I thought U might have been interested in viewing my 3 beautiful photographs of Atchafalaya Basin U R so courageously & brilliantly fighting to preserve.


Also most important, R U aware DAT I, as SOWL-President, am making plans to file a complaint against U.S.5th Circuit Court of Appeal Judges.


Edith Clement Brown

Priscilla Owen

Edith Jones


These 3 judges have clear and obvious conflicts of interest.


They have connections to the oil gas industries.


Therefore, they should have recused themselves, before reversing the INJUNCTION against Bayou Pipeline, U had previously received from U.S. Middle District Judge Shelly Dick.

& should not other plaintiffs in this Bayou Pipeline litigation Join SOWL.

& Now that I have made you aware of this issue are you not legally and ethically bound to pass this email on to the other Plaintiffs to give them an opportunity to join SOWL on this campaign?


Yes, in my opinion you definitely are OBLIGATED to do such!!!


For more info go to my Blog 


I am going to requests U pass this email on to the other plaintiffs in this Bayou Pipeline litigation.


And my requests as SOWL President, 

they join with SOWL.

If you do not wish to do this would U@ least furnish me with their emails so I can.


In regard to your 2 emails DAT I remove you from the Save our Wetlands email list, I refuse to do this, until I am notified UR no longer an attorney of record in the lawsuit to enjoin the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. 


SOWL has Thousands+++ members w/deep interests in saving the wetlands of Louisiana, especially the Atchafalaya Basin.


SOWL goes back to 1974, requesting a Special Grand Jury against U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


SOWL also requested a U.S. congressional investigation of Corps, Permitting the destruction of 

Louisiana’s coastal zone.


SOWL has filed more Lawsuits than any other environmental groups against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.



SOWL Is responsible for stopping the development of 28000 acres of wetlands New Orleans East & The reason we have the Bayou Sauvage National Wildlfe Refuge = One of the biggest urban parks in the world.


SOWL Is responsible for saving the Maurepas Pontchartrain Catherine Borgne (MPCB) eco system.

If SOWL had not obtained in 1978 an Injunction against Corps" Congressman F Edward Hebert's Pork Barrel Barrier Plan:



All the wetlands of New Orleans' East would have been developed into subdivisions, which would have flooded from F Edward Hebert's MRGO & hurricane tidal surges.=costing the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in flood insurance loss



The MPCB eco system would be a stagnant body of water.


In this litigation, SOWL proved to the satisfaction of U.S. District Judge Charles Schwarz Jr,.CORPS acted arbitrarily, capriciously & In Bad Faith=

misrepresenting in their official Environmental Impact Study (EIS), under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), these barriers would not affect the velocity and salinity flow of Lake Pontchartrain.


SOWL saved the Honey Island swamps & the West Pearl River from 100 thousands of pounds of heavy metallic gases being dumped on.


This would have occurred from NASA's proposed solid rocket motor fuel testing program. 

SOWL filed suit in Miss. Federal Court, proving NASA had falsified their computer testing of this program.


SOWL'S Records and documents have been accepted as part of the permanent record of the Historic New Orleans Collection (HNC).




I have great respect for all the wonderful legal work you have done in attempting to stop the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. 


However, it's quite obvious, U have little or no respect for SOWL & all the past litigation work, Luke Fontana did as SOWL’s Executive Attorney.

And obviously no respect for me now as SOWL'S President. 


And just as you had made it quite clear, U want no dealings with SOWL, I do not want any dealings with U!

I much prefer to deal w/ a Louisiana resident.


Deeply appreciate, if you could pass this email on to some of the plaintiffs who actually live in Louisiana.


Please send copy of your email passing on my email.


DAT way I ain’t got to deal w/ U

& U ain’t got to deal w/me


ONE MO TIME = I deeply, sincerely thank you & appreciate all the work U have done in attempting to stop Bayou Pipeline.


See you later alligator

Luke Fontana

Hope to hear your reply real soon.


Respectfully yours


Luke Fontana 

President Save our Wetlands Inc. 







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October 26, 2018

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