"From chaos comes order"

July 30, 2018

Hale Boggs is one of my heroes.


 As a member of the house Democrat from Louisiana, he was a majority leader.He was a member of the Warren commission, and began to speak out against its findings=  Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone assassin.From a speech on the congressional floor, Hale Boggs labeled J Edgar Hoover[Director of FBI], exactly who Hoover really was= "GESTAPO"!


Gerald Ford, who also was a member of the Warren commission,  playing a key part in falsifying the path of JFK's wounds, in order to justify the "magic bullet theory"-- eventually gave a speech in Congress praising J Edgar Hoover.Gerald Ford, 33 degree Free Mason, following the orders of his Illuminati superiors, went on to become America's only unelected president. 


 And as president, appointed Skull and Bones George Herbert Walker Bush CIA Director @ time Congress had assassination committees to discover the truth behind the Kennedys and Martin Luther king assassinations.As director of the CIA,  Bush played a key part covering up the orders Jacob Rubenstein received from Mossad agent Meyer Lansky to terminate Lee Oswald.


Gerald Ford , praising Gestapo Illuminati cover up specialist J Edgar Hoover, & following the orders of his Illuminati Lodge superiors, becomes President of America= enabling Ford to appoint Skull & Bones George Herbert Walker Bush CIA Director=enabling Bush to cover up Illuminati-Mossad roll in assassinating John F Kennedy.


 In the meantime Hale Boggs, a real American Patriot, disputing the Warren commission findings of the JFK assassination, and labeling J. Edgar Hoover as a Gestapo... 

His plane crashes over Alaska, supposedly never to be found!

And the story goes on....

 They name a federal building after Hale Boggs

 And of course we have the FBI building named after J Edgar Hoover.

And the story goes on...


●●● in Washington DC, there is a monument statue dedicated to Albert Pike a 33degree Freenason...founder of Ku Klux Klan...

And a key player w/ Judah Benjamin in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, who like JFK dared to print U.S. Government currency outside of the Illuminati's House of Rotschild.And today we have Russian backed Donald Trump spreading chaos.Something the Illuminati loves to spread because one of their basic principles=


"From chaos comes order"


 But I still have hopes and dreams DAT one day even the Illuminati will come to grips, DAT  For their children's children to have clean air and water, we must convert immediately to solar power. And economically the fossil fuel industry will go the way of dinosaurs & there will be NO BAYOU BRIDGE Pipeline thru our sacred Atchafalya Basin ☆☆☆


 The battle is over but the war goes on☆☆☆


May Peace & Love prevail over our Blessed Mother Earth








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October 26, 2018

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