State judge rules against the Bayou Bridge Pipeline permit making it illegal

May 8, 2018

The agency overseeing the construction of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline completely erased health and safety requirements designed to help the neighborhoods in St. James Parish. Therefore the permit issued for the Bayou Bridge Pipeline must be re-evaluated. Also evacuation plans will be issued to places plagued with the presence of the poisonous pipeline. Clearly those in charge of construction didn't really care about the people of the St. James community. A formal judgement of this will take about 1 more week. Judge Alvin Turner ruled against the Pipeline April 26th, but the decision wasn't exposed until May 7th. Judge Turner also charged builders and owners with improperly applying provisions of the states Coastal Zone Act. Finally, these claims were supported by Elizabeth Livongston de Calderon the attorney from Tulane Environmental Law Clinic. She was the representation for the environmental community groups that filed the suit. To read more go to and check out the article written by Mark Schleifstein. 



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October 26, 2018

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