Committee on Code of Conduct for Federal Judges

March 22, 2018


U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal Judges

Clement Henry
Priscilla Owen

Recently rendered a judgment reversing the injunction ordered by a hero known as U.S. District Judge Shelly Dick;

against the Bayou Pipeline through our Atchafalaya Basin on behalf of Earths justice.

Fifth Circuit Judge Eugene Davis dissented from Judges Clement & Owen and agreed with Judge Shelly Dick.

Both villains disguised as Judges known by Clement Henry & Priscilla Owen were appointed by OIL Czar-Skull Bones George W. Bush ...

who stole the 2000 presidential election from Al Gore in Florida 
and who invaded Iraq For their oil.

And whose father George Herbert Walker Bush and grandfather Senator Prescott Bush were also members of the Secret society Skull & Bones.

And whose father George H.W. Bush was appointed by non elected President Gerald Ford as Director of CIA @ time U.S House & Senate were conducting investigations into the assassinations of John F. Kennedy ...Martin Luther king and Robert Kennedy..

Gerald Ford played a key roll on Warren Commission covering up the JFK assassination..

George HW Bush became VP under Ronald Reagan & in this capacity was a major player with the CIA & Colonel Oliver North in Iran Contra affair .

Shipping arms Illegally in violation of the Boland amendment to the Contras in Nicaragua...

and transporting tons of Crack cocaine through the Mena airport in Arkansas...utilizing CIA Baton Rouge pilot Barry Seal.

Knowing the background of the Bush family one can't help but have suspicions on these two 5th circuit judges  Clement Henry & Priscilla Owen appointed by Bush.

And indeed both have deep backgrounds & connections to the oil and gas industries and should have recused themselves because of their conflicts of interest from this BP litigation.

Judge Clement Henry & BIG OIL

I personally can't help but have suspicions on how these 2 oil drenched judges were allotted the BP case .

And I'm going to request the Clerk of the 5th circuit 
& the Chief Judge of the 5th circuit
& the Chair of Committee on Code of Conduct for Federal Judges

to conduct an investigation on exactly how these 2 judges were allotted the BP Appeal.

And most important To conduct an investigation on the deep ties and connections Judges Clement Henry and Priscilla Owen have to the oil and gas industry

and under the Code of conduct for United States judges=…/code-conduct-united-states-judges

Were mandated & now mandated to recuse themselves from the BP Appeal.

Please join me in this request
Mail your letters to:

Chair of Committee on Codes of Conduct for Federal Judges
c/o General counsel
Adm. off. of U.S. Courts
Thurgood Marshall Fed. Judiciary Bldg.
Wash. D.C. 20544
Phone= 202 502 1100


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October 26, 2018

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